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Horsyd horse lick with natural kaolinite clay, SUGAR FREE, with isomalt.




OVERCOME DAILY BOREDOM.Thanks to HORSYD quality products for horses, your horse can be satisfied and relaxed, even when you cannot be there. 


HANDICRAFT FOOD SUPPLEMENT FOR IMPROVING HORSE HEALTH. There is nothing artificial in our horse licks! No sugar! 100% natural and horse friendly! Supplied in an environmentally friendly paper package.



Horsyd horse lick with kaolinite clay, without sugar.  We have created the most natural and healthy licks to give your horse the best balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


Ingredients:isomalt,  linseed, marjoram, fenugreek, buckwheat, ground mint leaves.
Technological additive: natural kaolinite clay (E559) 


Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 1.75%

Crude fiber 1.84%

Crude fat 0.19%

Green ash 4.68%

Calcium 0.20%

Sodium 0.02%

Phosphorus 0.04%

Magnesium 0.34%.


Instructions for proper use: to allow the horse to have constant access to this supplement.


Product description
- 1 kg
- Shelf life: 24 months.


Why choose HORSYD?
Although there are many horse lick products on the market, it is difficult to find one that is naturally compatible with the horse's body. Our natural kaolinite clay horse lick is handmade, made from 100% natural ingredients, SUGAR FREE, no chemical preservatives, dyes or other additives.


Also suitable for donkeys, goats, sheep and even dogs!


Horsyd horse lick with natural charcoal clay.Your horse needs only the best.


Horsyd lick supplement for horses with kaolinite clay, sugar free

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