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Horsyd Natural Carbon Clay Powder 3kg - Feed Supplement for Horse Gastrointestinal Protection - 100% Natural Ingredients for Happy Horses - Detoxifies and Prevents Infection and Diarrhoea


NATURAL HORSE HEALTH CARE. 100% natural nutrition for horses. Our Carbon Clay Powder is rich in aluminium silicates to provide goodness in the most natural way. Prevent your horse suffering from intestinal and stomach infections.

NATURE’S OWN DETOX. A breakthrough in horse digestive health. Carbon Clay is a natural detoxifier, which reduces ammonia, phosphates and heavy metals and flushes them from the body. An essential horse gut supplement to aid horse weight gain.

GASTROINTESTINAL PROTECTION. This Carbon Clay supplement powder is essential for the prevention and control of Diarrhoea. Horses and ponies benefit from protection against bacteria, viruses, and toxins, making digestive worries a thing of the past.

NATURAL HORSE FEED SUPPLEMENT. Improves the absorption of nutrients from feed, releasing slowly to the horse’s digestive system. Simply add 100g of carbon clay powder to a normal feed per day to enhance the nutritional value.

HORSE NUTRITION SUPPLEMENT. There’s nothing artificial about our horse feed additives. Make a difference to the health of your horse, by using natural horse supplements. Our quality horse products are 100% organic, eco and equine friendly.


Supplement your horse’s diet and protect their stomach health, with Horsyd Natural Carbon Clay Powder.

Natural Carbon Clay is a mixture of naturally occurring minerals, formed from a base of Hydrated Aluminium Silicates. It’s highly effective at absorbing a diverse range of toxins and bacteria that can harm a horse's gastrointestinal health.

Why should I give my horse Natural Carbon Clay Powder?
Studies show that Natural Carbon Clay has a positive effect on horses with stomach ulcers and digestive problems.

There are many horse health supplements on the market, but few derived from wholly natural materials. The purity of this natural supplement provides a bounty of equine health benefits:

-Cleanses and detoxifies the digestive system, by absorbing toxins, gases, moulds and bacteria
-Helps to expel ammonia, phosphates and heavy metals from the body
-Maximises the absorption of nutrients from horses’ feed
-Aids weight gain
-Promotes the growth of intestinal microflora
-Prevents and controls diarrhoea
-Provides gastrointestinal protection
-Neutralises stomach acids

Chemical Composition ( g/100 g of dry matter)
Aluminosilicates 67%; Carbon (C) 30%; Iron (Fe) 1%; Other minerals 2%.

How to use our Natural Carbon Clay Powder
Our 3kg Carbon Clay powder comes with its own serving scoop. Simply add the powder to their normal feed and witness the benefits to your four-legged friend for yourself.

Foals and young horses: 50g-100g per day
Adult horses: 100g per day

Our Carbon Clay powder is equally beneficially for other farm animals, including cows, pigs, sheep and poultry.

Give your horse the gift of health, with one exceptional product created by mother nature herself. Horsyd Natural Carbon Clay Powder.

Horsyd Natural Carbon Clay Powder 3kg

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