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HORSYD Lollipop for horse -having no analogue handmade product. Thissafe, unique,for friendship with horsesstrengthen created treat.


The special circular wooden part of the Lollipop is made in such a way thatwould protect a human hand from being bitten by a horse, and a quadruped is allowedto enjoy undisturbed a treat


Ingredients: isomalt,  linseed, marjoram, fenugreek, buckwheat, ground mint leaves.
Technological additive: natural kaolinite clay (E559) 


Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 1.75%

Crude fiber 1.84%

Crude fat 0.19%

Green ash 4.68%

Calcium 0.20%

Sodium 0.02%

Phosphorus 0.04%

Magnesium 0.34%.




  • THE FIRST ON THE MARKET, A HAND HOLD LICK SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSES WITHOUT SUGAR. An all-new, never-before-seen treat for horses, created from the vision once born of dedicated four-legged care professionals. Many years of animal husbandry experience and well-studied horse psychology have allowed us to create this unique product that has revolutionized the harmonious interaction between man and horse.
  • HUMAN AND HORSE RELATIONSHIP. Loaves are a favorite product of horses, but they are usually eaten when the horses are left alone. And wouldn't it be nice to interact with the horse while feeding it? Our Lollipop allows humans and horses to enjoy feeding time together, strengthening mutual bond and mutual trust.

  • FEEDING WITHOUT FEAR. Holding a wooden lollipop stick in your hand, you approach the horse without fearing its bite, at the same time, the horse is given a treat to lick. The wooden ring part protects the human fingers and the horse enjoys the lick. The lollipop is perfect for little hands or those who are approaching these animals for the first time and may still be nervous around horses.

  • SOOTHING EFFECT.The lick has a calming effect on the horse. This is a great way to relax your horse when he feels stressed, scared or excited. A treat can be a great reward before or after a competition and is especially useful for training animals.




This is no ordinary horse lick - this is HorsydLollipop for a horse on a stick, made without sugar!

new,unique product in the equestrian world,strengthening human-horse connection.

Feeding time in the stables is a very favorite moment for horses, but it is rarely more than a short relationship between the feeder and the horse itself. When impatiently kicking the door with hooves, delicious carrots are taken from the hands or rummaging through the feed bucket - it is difficult to spend time with the horse in such moments, creating a close mutual relationship.

Ours Lollipop on a stickwas discovered, in order to creategreat tool to establish a relationship with the horse, which would bebased on security andmutual trust.Ergonomic,natural wood the holder provides the necessary distance to approach the horse. Despite the fact that the horse is very happy and enjoys eating, the person can at the same time feel safe and sure that his fingers reliably covers the wooden plate from any surprises.

This is ideal waystrengthen mutual trust by making friends with young, somewhat nervous or inexperienced horses. This relationship also gives the horse a calm, peaceful and safe experience with minimal excitement. It's amazing whengreat benefits are experienced by both parties!


For growing a relationship, establishing trust, creating pleasant moments and mutual connection, maintaining closeness.


  • relaxing
  • acts as a reward



  • feeding a horse without fear

  • a safe distance is maintained

  • confidence is strengthened

  • easy to hold in hand


Lollipop treat convenient for children hold with two hands. The lick was carefully designed to encourage the horse to lick rather than bite. This iscompletely natural a handmade product with no plastic or parts that can break or otherwise cause damage.

Our other four-legged friends have also liked this lick. Animal trainers, zookeepers and farm workers shared their impressions that our greyhound Ledinukas on a stick is loved andperfect for donkeys, goats, dogs, sheep and other animals!


If you are looking for a new way to encourage and create a relationship between a person and a horse - the Horsyd Lollipop is exactly that playful tool that you won't want to let go of!








Feed supplement HORSYD Lollipop with kaolinite clay

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