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Image by Oliver Schweizer

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are HORSYD. We are a manufacturer and supplier of naturally good supplements and treats to enhance the health and prevent sickness in our equine friends.


Our dedication to animal nutrition has been a lifelong journey. We have been researching and studying the behaviours, digestion and health of animals in their wild habitat for over 30 years. This allowed us to develop products that are harmonious with their natural grazing habits. These findings led us to recognise the lack of naturally wholesome food supplements available in the equine nutrition market.


Working together with vets, nutritionists, behaviourists, breeders and scientists we have developed a range of products that are both naturally compatible with horse’s digestion as well as strengthening their physical and emotional health.


Prevention is better than cure. By providing your horse with the enrichment it needs, you prevent the onset of respiratory, joint, digestive and behavioural conditions. A perfectly balanced diet is the foundation of health in horses.

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