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For the love of horses

We manufacture and supply natural feed supplements, treats, dainties and playthings for Horses and Ponies

Kind to horses. Kind to the environment

Our products are 100% environmentally friendly, due to their entirely natural composition. Furthermore, we pack using organic materials and thanks to our artisanal manufacturing processes, we run a low carbon footprint. 


For the love of horses

A horse is an animal that embodies beauty and harmony. This animal has always been

part of nature. It is very important for us to discover the connection between the horse and nature.

Quality control

Thanks to our manual production processes, our hands and eyes can keep strict controls on the quality and consistency of our products. 

Our products are backed by extensive research, field tests in equestrian facilities as well as laboratory testing.



We are committed to making wholesome equine feeds and therefore produce

everything by hand, with love and care. This allows us to supervise every stage of

production, ensuring that our goods maintain a consistently high-level of quality.


As nature intended

Respecting the way that a horse would naturally forage in the wild, we use 100% high-

quality, natural ingredients, free from chemical preservatives, dyes and impurities.

Through our honest, clean recipes, your horse is guaranteed to receive the vitamins

and dietary fibres they need to boost their immune system and prevent ill health.

Image by Markus Spiske
Our products

Made with love


That’s what motivates us

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Lina A.

It’s great that a lick with eucalyptus improves breathability

Ralph K.

All horses and ponies accept the licks immediately. Even the horses, who are otherwise very picky. That's good.

Livia M.

Very good licks, tried already! Works great when you want to divert the horse's attention and you can comb yourself calmly.

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