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This supplement contains ground sunflower kernels, dried ground carrots and ground flaxseed , which improve intestinal function, strengthen immunity, help fight fungal infections and reduce the risk of chronic diseases .

Benefits for the Horse:

* A licked feed supplement gives a huge benefit to the Horse in cases where he runs out of food ( stomach is empty ). Licking the Horse secretes saliva that is alkaline. They neutralize stomach acids , thus protecting the stomach from ulcers / wounds .

Benefits of carrots : the biggest advantage - vitamin A organic compounds . Carrots strengthen the immune system . They are needed for those Horses and Ladies who often suffer from infectious diseases. Eating carrots every day strengthens immunity . Carrots normalize metabolism . Cleanses the body of toxins and slag .

Benefits of sunflower : They contain mostly vitamin E, vitamin B1, selenium and magnesium . Powerful antioxidants. Gaussian Omega-6. A source of complete nutritional protein. Normalizes the balance of acids and alkalis. Strengthens bitter and hooves .

Benefits of flaxseed : rich in Omega-3 , especially healthy fiber . To improve digestion, regulate blood sugar, improve intestinal function, strengthen immunity. Helps in the "fight" against fungal infections, reducing the risk of chronic diseases . Copper in flaxseed is a particularly important mineral responsible for the body's growth, development and other important functions. It is also rich in phosphorus, molybdenum, magnesium and others.

* The licks we produce contain only natural vitamins and minerals . They do not contain chemical preservatives, flavors or impurities.

* We produce licks with an extremely hard consistency . Small components do not get stuck in Horses between their teeth, which protects their teeth from damage . Fine lick particles that get into the stomach with saliva are easily absorbed by the body .

* When a horse / pony eats coarse feed, it is advisable to give licked feed supplements, as licking stimulates the production of saliva and at the same time the work of the stomach, which improves the digestive process.

* It's a great way to calm down . When licking, Horses remain calm during veterinary visits, when combing, washing, combing and so on.

* The lick is also a Toy . When licking and playing a horse / pony, there is a double pleasure . This improves his emotional state .

* With our licks Horses are encouraged before / after various competitions. They give thanks during training.

Usage: secure well to the horse / pony within reach.

HORSYD supplement with carrots

Rating is 5.0 out of five stars based on 1 review


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
Based on 1 review